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Stormwind of the North Country
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Stormwind of the North Country

Jodi Auborn
Kat’s life is changed forever the summer she is fourteen when she must fight for the preservation of her father’s land, the safety of her best friend, and the life of Stormwind, the horse she loves. Kat lives with her widowed father and younger brother in their remote country farmhouse. After making a shocking discovery one morning, she struggles to rescue Stormwind, her favorite horse at a local stable, from its abusive owner. Then her father brings home an unwelcome visitor with a secret that could destroy the way of life that the family loves. This upsetting change sends Kat and her dog running away on a month-long camping trip into the Adirondack wilderness with Stormwind. There, she finds a true friend in Randy, a teenage drifter with a mysterious past. Will Kat solve the family problem she’d left behind and help Randy overcome the memories of his troubled childhood?

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